The Bankruptcy Process

All in all, bankruptcy is an intricate process, which is best left in the hands of an expert.

Why Choose Clark & WashingtonWhen you initiate contact with the lawyers at Clark & Washington, their job immediately begins. Our attorneys will begin by reviewing your case and going over your income, debts, secured loans, unsecured loans, and all of your assets to determine if filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you.

Once this has been established, they will offer you solutions to help you protect the assets that mean the most to you by informing you of the exemption laws in your state. They will also help you decide what you should claim as an exemption based on the information you give them.

This doesn’t mean you will always get out of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with everything that you want or that you had to begin with. That said, the attorneys at Clark and Washington will be able to protect your assets better than yourself, simply because their legal expertise is contained in their knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code and state exemptions.

Once it has been determined which type of bankruptcy is right for you, your Clark and Washington attorney will begin working with you on an appraisal of any big ticket items you may own, if appropriate; filling out your petition completely and correctly; and, subsequently, filing your petition. Within 30 days of your petition being filed, there will be a “341 Creditors Meeting” which you will be required to attend.

You will be sworn in and must answer questions posed by your creditors and the trustee in regard to your debt. Your Clark and Washington attorney plays a significant role in this meeting as he/she will be in attendance with you and will take the time to prepare you, before the meeting, for the questions that you will face.

During the time when your assets, if any, are liquidated to pay off creditors, your Clark and Washington attorney will stay in contact with the trustee to ensure your best interest is served. Your Clark and Washington attorney will also inform you of the obligations you, the debtor, will have to fulfill in order to receive a full discharge at the close of the bankruptcy proceedings.

All in all, bankruptcy is an intricate process, which is best left in the hands of an expert. Your C;ark and Washington attorney will be with you every step of the way, lightening your load so you can focus on creating your new life after bankruptcy while your attorney closes out the old. If you need help with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or simply have more questions about the role a bankruptcy attorney takes in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please call us. We’re here to help you.

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